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Cake Flavours For Bespoke Cakes 

Our most popular combinations...


* Belgian white chocolate and fresh raspberry cake filled with fresh raspberry buttercream or Belgian white chocolate     

   Coated outside with buttercream.

* Vanilla Victoria sponge with buttercream and home made strawberry jam coated outside with buttercream.

* Death by Chocolate Cake with white chocolate ganache.

* Lovely and moist chocolate cake with Belgian chocolate truffle buttercream, coated outside with Belgian chocolate ganache.

* Lemon sponge cake filled with tangy Lemon curd, coated outside with Lemon buttercream.

* Carrot and orange sponge cake with a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg, filled with cream cheese frosting or buttercream.

* Red velvet cake, filled with cream cheese frosting. Coated outside with buttercream.

* Rocky Road Layer Cake. This is chocolate overload in the best way possible!! Moist chocolate cake layered with a rich filling     of marshmallows, nuts and Belgian chocolate ganache. Coated outside with indulgent Belgian chocolate ganache.

* Coconut sponge with mango moose, coated outside with buttercream.

* Chocolate biscuit cake coated outside with Belgian chocolate ganache.

* Orange & passion fruit cake, filled with mascapone, orange and passion fruit filling. Coated outside with buttercream.

* Oreo cake filled with layers of indulgent Belgian chocolate truffle buttercream, crushed Oreos and indulgent Belgian       

   chocolate Ganache. Coated outside with chocolate ganache.

* We also make Traditional English semi rich fruit cakes laden with brandy. These are made 6 months in advance
   to let the cake mature.

Or Mix & Match from the range below.....

* Vanilla Sponge                                               * Victoria Sponge


* Orange & Carrot Cake                                   * Chocolate Sponge


* Red Velvet                                                        * Lemon Sponge


* White Chocolate with Raspberries              * Almond Cake


* Carrot and Chocolate Cake                           * Oreo Cake


* Apple and cinnamon Cake                            * Toffee  Cake


* Chocolate Biscuit Cake

We also have various fillings…

* Vários Flavoured Buttercreams: 
   Plain, Raspberry, blueberry, toffee, indulgent Belgian chocolate truffle, orange & lemon.

* Home made Strawberry Jam


* Caramel                                                           


* Cream Cheese Frosting


* Fresh Cream w/ Fresh Berries                       


* Indulgent Belgian Chocolate Ganache


We are also quite flexible and can do other alternatives. Just let us know what you have in mind. Your cakes are custom designed to suit your every need! We use the finest ingredients for your contemporary and elegant cakes.

All bespoke cakes are individual and vary in many different ways. All prices are worked out according to the ingredients used the cake flavours and mainly the decoration. If it is a complicated or detailed design it will take a lot longer to do than something simple, so you can expect the price to fluctuate. Please contact us for further information.

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